Jinhu came to our family in 2010. She was a stray dog and my dad found her near his company. She lives with us since then. We give her the name Jinhu, which means golden tiger in English, becuase 2010 was the year of tiger and she has golden hair.

Achievement: bred 10 puppies in one litter.

Mimi & Mili

Mili was our neighbor's cat. Due to some personal reasons, our neighbor couldn't have Mili anymore, so we decided to keep him. He eats twice as much as Mimi. Therefore, our spending on cat food increases drastically since he came in 2017.

Mili also weighs twice as much as Mimi, and here is the evidence.

Mimi was born in 2015. She used to be the only cat in our family for about 2 years. Before Mili came, she could exclusively enjoy all the cat food and all the love from us. She is the one who advocates "One-Child Policy" the most.

What does her name mean? Well, it is an onomatopoeia like "meow" and people often use this name to call a cat that doesn't have a name. We were too lazy to name our lovely cat.